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  Direct to Consumer  Farmers Markets  Retail Outlets
  Wholesale Buyers  Bakeries  Breweries-Wineries
  Foodservice  Food Manufacturers 
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  Phone  Mail  Online
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Honey Varieties Available
  Tallow (Louisiana)  Wildflower (Louisiana)  White Dutch (Louisiana)
  Buckwheat (Louisiana)  Autumn Wildflower (Louisiana) 
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Forms of Honey Available
  Liquid Honey  Comb Honey  Whipped Honey
  Cut Comb in Liquid Honey  
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General Sizes Available
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Container Sizes
  2 oz glass hex jar  2 oz mini honeybear  8 oz glass oval jar
  10 oz half pint  12 oz plastic squeeze bear  16 oz plastic squeeze honey bee
  21 oz glass pint jar  44 oz plastic mini milk jug  44 oz glass quart jar
  1 gallon plastic jug  
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  Direct to Consumers  Wholesale - Bottled for Retailers  We ship Using the United States Post Office
  We ship USPS Flat Rate Shipping!  
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Additional Products Offered
  Bee Education  Beeswax Lip Balms  Beeswax
  Candles  Custom Baskets/Boxes  Honey Drop Hard Candies
  Pollen  Swarm Removal 
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